Natalie Reed

Hello, my name is Natalie Reed and I am a communications, management, and design major. I am currently a freshman exploring classes in the strategic communication field.

I believe that my interests like in the communication field. Where in the communication field is still a mystery to me and probably will continue to be up until the day I get my job and decide if I am happy or not. Whatever I may be doing, I find that my interests lie in things that make me happy because I can explore and learn new things. I feel this way while exploring the communications field, which seems to be endless with things like public relations, journalism, television and radio, and even photography. I can't say that I am talented in any of my interests in the communications field but I can say that I try my hardest and that with practice, I have strongly improved from my beginning. My talents usually involve things such as writing, editing, and working great under pressure and that is why I think I have found a fit for myself in the communications field of work.

     I believe part of the reason I am working towards discovering what I want to become is why I am here at the Park School and apart of the program that I am. I am able to explore all fields of communications and use the resources, clubs, speakers, and interactive classes to discover the different kinds of work that I could possibly go into. It gives me the opportunity to try different fields and see if I like them or don't like them. I need to learn to adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle of the communications field and open to experience new career fields in order to discover what I want to do.

I think that in a lot of ways, learning is what I need to be doing. I am in college to learn about what I want to do so learning is my primary activity right now. I am taking classes and getting involved in extra-curricular in order to learn and do more in the communications field. By doing these things I hope to learn what direction I plan on going in. 

     After I have discovered exactly what I want to do, I can use Ithaca College's varied alumni, professors, and staff to help me figure out my next steps. I plan to accept the help from others to guide me into the right direction using internships in the field, specified classes, and alumni connections to aid me in my college experience.