Welcome to my e-portfolio!

I am a fifth year physical therapy student at Ithaca College.  I grew up in Geneva, NY with my family: my mom, dad, and two older brothers.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family, incredible friends, and a prosperous, successful life.  I chose Ithaca College because of their well-known doctorate program for physical therapy as well as for the unique community, beautiful scenery including gorges and Cayuga Lake, opportunities for outdoor adventures, diverse people, and political activists.  My experiences here at Ithaca College have enhanced my qualities as an independent, passionate, and curious person. 

I am a compassionate person and a philosopher of life.  I have a curiosity and greed for knowledge.  I am always in search of a new experience, and I love a challenge.  Life is too short and the world is too big to live each day the same and leave any unmarked territory.  Because of my attitude towards life, I love to explore the outdoors, travel, read, meet new people, socialize, experience different cultures, philosophically think or debate, live an optimally healthy lifestyle, and learn as much as possible.  My list of hobbies continues to grow. I am currently learning how to play the guitar.  My first love was dance.  My training as a dancer started when I was three years old and has been continuous ever since.  My passion for music and dance originated from my family’s Italian cultural traditions and has developed since I was a baby.  A recent interest of mine has been holistic medicine.  I have tried alternative methods of healing including reiki, acupuncture, and cranial-sacral therapy. I take an interest in learning others’ beliefs, attitudes, and experiences in life, especially among the elderly population.  I believe this is how I continuously grow as a person, and appreciate the wondrous diversity of life.