Nicolette Standera

My name is Nicolette Standera, but I go by Niki!  And welcome to my eportfolio! I am a freshman at Ithaca College and I'm a student in the Physical Therapy program.  I'm still exploring my options for my minor but I find myself being interested in either business or accounting.

I originally started out knowing I wanted to go into a health care profession when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My mom went through treatment and made a healthy recovery.  The experiences I went through by her side made me realize the I wanted to help people make healthy recoveries like the doctors that helped my mom.  My interest in physical therapy began when I had my own experiences with the profession.  I had a great deal of knee issues, which led me to need physical therapy.  I would always look forward to going to my appointments and going every week made me aware that I could see myself doing something like that everyday.