Olivia Burgher


My name is Olivia Burgher. I am currently a sophomore at Ithaca College in the Television-Radio department. When originally applying to school's, I was not set on what I wanted to major in. I knew I wanted to be in communications, but I had yet to find a facet that I felt at home in. Almost on a whim, I decided to apply for the Television-Radio program because it seemed to merge my love of journalism and writing, with the more creative side of video production that I had begun to become interested in. Since arriving to Ithaca College, my passion for video production has grown beyond what I ever thought it would be.

My experience in video production is already far beyond anything I ever experienced in high school, and I cannot wait to see what the next two and a half years have in store. I have had the amazing opportunity to work on several productions through ICTV. Currently, I'm in the process of producing the ICTV show Game Over, which is a show I've worked on since I started here at Ithaca College. I'm also involved with several other groups on campus and am constantly looking for more opportunities, whether they live in the Park School or elsewhere on campus. 

I love every facet of production: whether it be in the initial planning stages, the excitement of filming on location or in the studio, or the final post-production stages. My experiences here at Ithaca College have only helped me to realize how there is no other thing I'd rather be doing.