Owen McIlmail

         My name is Owen McIlmail. I am originally from the Washington, D.C. area and I am now a freshman at Ithaca College, studying Television-Radio. My main passion is creating new methods of communication, whether those methods be through the art of film or the writing of an article. Of all my interests, video, the act of capturing film, and creating stories are the fields I am most interested in. Outside of the world of media, I am also very interested in Spanish and Latin culture. I spent a month in Salamanca, Spain studying the language and the area's traditions. Since then, I have taken many Spanish courses and wish to continue developing my skills as a speaker of the language. In my spare time I like to take and edit photographs, write short stories, and travel.

         The world of media is changing rapidly. From the integration of new social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the average consumer is bombarded by information on a daily basis. To maintain and improve the way the consumer retrieves media, we must be willing to make new efforts in areas such as advertisements, program content, and marketing of individual projects. The field of film and television itself can be relentless in its approaches, but we as a society will never reach our true potential in the area of communication unless we are willing to put massive amounts of effort into every facet of media and to do so we must combine different fields of business and media. Advertising must work closely with a program's creator and budgeting departments must create synergy with the production team, so as to create one tangible product that matches everyone's needs and artistic desires. In regards to my career, I want to become an integral part of the making of media. The making of media could entail screenwriting, videography, production, and research. Within these different types of work I want to make some major contributions along the lines of new ways in which to grasp the target audience and an increase in the overall effectiveness of the individual projects I will undertake. My passion for media and my ideas on how to improve the current state of television as a whole are very prominent in my life and I plan to carry these notions out in an innovative, methodical, team-driven manner.