Welcome to my ePortfolio! I am a Cinema/Photography major and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2016.

For the past seven years of my life, I've held a passion for filmmaking. I have partaken in several filmmaking programs to follow this passion and I have learned quite a lot. My personal dreams for the future are to write and direct many films that will be critically successful and have an impact on the industry and possibly shake up this world. I have many stories to tell and I am studying cinema in order to not continue chasing this passion but to find the best way to write and film these stories.  Although hardly related to cinema, I have been known for having a very distinct and passionate voice. I have used this gift to present my high school's SAT word of the day and now I'm using it to DJ my own two hour block on VIC, Ithaca's online radio station. 

I am very committed into making these dreams come true. I need to greatly expand my knowledge of film and filmmaking to a great level. This includes learning a lot about the people and items I am going to be working with. Although I already know a lot, there is still a lot I need to learn and great amount of that will come from my experiences here at Ithaca College.