Peter Gargaro


Hi my name is Peter Gargaro, I am a Graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, with a Major in Television-Radio; Concentration in Video Production with a Minor in Communication Studies. For the last four years I have been actively exploring my abilities behind the camera and in leadership positions to prepare myself to be a positive asset the media industry. 

In the summer of 2012 I lived in New York City, interning with MTV Production for Viacom. The shows I worked on include MADE, Ten on Top and MTV's Summer Wraps. I learned a lot about pre production and post production workflows while I was there. I regularly transcribed raw footage, made phone calls and delivered equipment.

In the summer of 2011 I interned at Detroit Public Television. I was tasked with assistant directing live pledge breaks and studio shows for producers and clients.  I acted as assistant to the producer and production manager and was asked to represent the station for guests. I quickly elevated to senior intern and was asked to train the other interns. It came in handy that I was able to program the lighting board for a national show called "Trials and Heirs." I also assistant directed for "Am I Right?" and "American Black Journal," on a regular basis.

I have been producing with Ithaca College Television since my freshman year (considered early). I produced a reality show I wrote called "i-Scheme," and IC Everywhere, based directly off the youtube hit, Improv Everywhere, but adapted for a campus environment. From ICTV I have learned a lot about organization, responsibility, representation, and leadership. Our cast and crew usually was close to 60-70 in number (at the time-it was the biggest cast and crew on ICTV). 

This past year I filmed my senior thesis; it is a Superman-based movie called Fortress of Solitude - a link to our fansite is on the left, as well as a link to the finished film. 

My interest includes finding exposure to field production in the industry.  I am trying to find out what aspects of making media are my greatest passion in the transition between student and professional worlds. I am very enthusiastic, and have no trouble speaking in front of large groups of people. I take direction well, learn fast, and can relate to many different perspectives. I take pride in my commitments and give them my all. If you would like to speak with me I can be reached most easily through my email: or by phone 248-605-1919.

Thank you for your time,

Peter Gargaro