Relaxing in the sun

Hi, welcome to my ePortfolio! My name is Patricia (Tricia) Grudens and I am currently a freshman Integrated Marketing and Communications major with a minor in Deaf Studies. I am expected to graduate in the Spring of 2016. With the rapid development of technology and improved ideas towards Communication, it is hard to predict the exact path of success the field of Communications will take looking into the future. But despite the omnipresent modifications, there will always be career opportunities in this particular field because as long as there is some form of communication between people, the Communication field will expand.

My particular major, Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) is an exciting major to be in currently because it is a very specific type of Communication. The word “communication” can be described as having dozens of meanings, but IMC is strictly related to the way that the company and customers communicate with each other. I cannot wait to work in a job regarding Communications (specifically IMC) one day and to utilize every experience I gained from spending four years at Ithaca College. I have had a serious passion for all things communications since I started watching television, reading magazines, and listening to the radio and I would be ecstatic to be able to turn this passion into progress and success. The marketing and advertising world could always use improvement, and with my knowledge and work ethic I plan to significantly change this “world” for the better. As a student in the Roy H. Park School of Communications here at Ithaca College, I have already learned so much to help me reach my long-term goal and to keep me on the right path to a bright future. Ithaca College is the ideal size to be able to get all of my money’s worth out of every class I take, actually get to know my professors, and really soak up every opportunity out there for me. There are way too many people in this world that are stuck in jobs that they don’t love because they settled for mediocracy. But knowing what I want can only assist in my goal of becoming a professional communicator. Throughout my childhood and life experiences, I have learned that nothing wholesome comes without hard work. Included in that hard work is the art of networking. Ithaca College has a unique relationship with their alumni all over the country that are usually more than willing to help out IC students receive internships and careers. Knowing that there are people that want to help me in the future pushes me to become a more well-rounded and sociable person. Putting myself out there and making myself known is a vital aspect to achievement. My class has even skyped with a plethora of different Ithaca alumni that was visual evidence of how much Ithaca College can do for a Communications major.

At some point in the future, I hope to change the whole aspect and criteria for the field of communication and to make sure that is going to be a continually growing field. Although I am only a freshman, it is fully in my plans to participate in the LA or NYC Program, complete summer internships, study abroad, and join as many afterschool activities/clubs as possible, not just as a resumé booster but as a way to personally satisfy myself and gain practice and understanding in the real world AND the world of communications.

Finding a job is important, but finding a job that I love is worth deeply searching for. My interests include fashion, blogging, social media, social networking, writing, drawing, and pop culture.