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            My name is Perry Koenig. I was born and raised in Dix Hills, NY, which is on Long Island. I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College. I am studying Television and Radio with a concentration in Media Production. Along with that, I am working on a minor in Computer Science. Within the Television-Radio department, my main focus is going to be on the studio aspect. I have been working with lighting boards and soundboards since the 9th grade and will always love it. I have designed lighting for my high schools theatre productions and functions as well as done sound for many of these assemblies and functions. My favorite aspect of the Television-Radio department is that as soon as you are put into the Park School, you are already given hands-on work. On the other side of the fence, media is not all I am interested in. I am very interested in computers, hence the Computer Science Minor. Along side my love for computers, I also have a love for theatre. I have been doing stage crew ever since the 6th grade and have loved it ever since. Even though theatre may not be my major or minor, I will always try and find a way to keep theatre in my life.


            Media is constantly changing. Whether it is the music industry or social media, our media world as we know it will never stop changing. No matter which way you look, new websites, bands, artists, and recording companies are always appearing. Two of the most used social media websites are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has becoming the number one used social media site and has been integrated into peoples every day lives. From updating statuses to Facebook Messenger, Facebook has made it must easier to now interact with other people from home, work, or on the go. But as for other websites and companies, they must attempt to stay ahead of the curve just as much as Twitter and Facebook have. Facebook offers companies and websites to sign up to have advertisements shown on the ride bar to promote their company. For example, I see advertisements for dating sites almost every time I open up Facebook. This just proves what I said earlier: social media is changing as we speak. Many more dating sites have arisen, which in turn raises the ratio of how many relationships start on an online dating site. To also promote some websites, such as eHarmony and Match, advertisements for television are then created in order to promote the site over the airwaves. Now you can obviously see that I have been speaking a lot about social media. The reason I do this is because I want to bring my career to an area that would allow me to use both my Television Studio skills as well as my skills on the computer. Some areas that I could possibly work in would be to work on the studio aspect of a company making their commercial, computer programming for an application for a cell phone or computer, or maybe even working on a social website. To go along with all of this, I want to put my two cents in to try and make social media even easier than it is already. This is my passion; this is my life and I will do anything to work for it because it is what I love.