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Peter Quandt's E-Portfolio

Hi my name is Peter Quandt and I'm a freshman journalism major and Park Scholar here at Ithaca College. I have always been passionate about my writing, and I see journalism as a truth-telling medium which has an extremely positive effect on society. I would love to work for a major newspaper, covering world news to shed light upon the human rights violations which occur everyday. I also love taking pictures and editing video, skills that are extremely important to 21st century journalists. 

I've only been here for a month but I'm already getting hands on experience in the radio field through our on campus station WICB. Thanks to the class "s'Park: Igniting Your Communications Future" I have become well versed in the various forms of 21st century media. I understand that journalism is no longer a solely print application. Modern journalists must be able to shoot and edit video, take pictures, and understand the online world. As a freshman "Parkie" I've learned that a major should never confine your learning to a single field. Throughout the next four years I should look to master as many communication trades as possible, which will allow me to find jobs throughout all of the communication mediums. Spark has also taught me the importance of networking and business communication. To get ahead you must know as many people as possible and I plan to do this through internships and the study abroad programs in New York and London. 

 Last year I attended the New Visions Journalism and Media Studies program run by the Albany centered newspaper, the Times Union. I had the opportunity to intern, blog, write news stories, shoot video, and take pictures for the newspaper. The program not only promoted my interest in journalism, but it provided me with a base skill set which prepared me for my experience here in the Park school. The Park School of Communications is currently preparing me for the professional world, with hands on learning in various fields of communication. Feel free to enjoy my profile and its various attachments.