It's hard to say exactly what it is I want to do with my future. Advertising, Marketing, and the psychology behind appealing to an audience have always fascinated me. No matter what I do in life, the skils of a master communicator will always benefit me. I grew up around the entertainment industry and from a business standpoint it has always fascinated me. I love music and indeed all forms of entertainment and if I could one day use my skills in that field I would truely feel successful.            

I'm a pretty social, engaging person. I was drawn to communications because I like talking to people and enjoy the media in all its forms. I've been playing guitar for around 7 years and enjoy working with other artists. It would be fun to use my talents as a marketer and communicator to benefit those around me in their creative fields. Above all, I value my creativity and no matter what it is I end up doing with my life I hope I have the opportunity to use it in in my career.  

One thing has really been worrying me that I would really like to learn more about. S'park talks a lot about getting involved in the communications field as well as getting involved in the campus. Ithaca has made it really easy to find that kind of information but I would like to explore all options to find out what really interests me on a personal level.      

I aim to involve myself as completely as I can to ensure that, when the opportunity arises, I can go into things that really grab my attention. Of course no one person can be interested in every single part of comunications study. I hope only to find what interests me through trial and error; as well as through listening to our speakers in S'park.  

Job experience is definitely key for a successful communications career. I already was lucky enough to work for AEG LIve entertainment as a concert promotion intern. I plan to continue working in entertainment and media because I found it to be the most hands on experience a high school student can get in this field.            

Secondly, I believe interacting and learning from professionals in the field is key. Lectures and time spent hearing from someone who has been doing the same thing I am studying to do can really open my eyes to possibilities and new advice. Whenever possible, I aim to keep in contact with these professionals because, at its heart, communications is all about networking and meeting people. I firmly beleive that everyone can help you in some way, and vice versa.