Patrik Sullivan circa August 2010


Thanks for visiting my ePortfolio. My name is Patrick Sullivan, a rising freshman the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College due to graduate in May 2015. I am majoring in Television-Radio with a minor in History and a pending minor in Sports Studies. 

I graduated from Norwood High School in Norwood, Massachusetts -- a small suburb just outside of Boston. The majority of my time in high school was split between juggling two jobs while excelling in school as well as participating in extracurricular activities. My passion ever since the third grade has been media. Audio, video, anything. I still remember my first camcorder and using it to make home videos, school group projects, parodies, music videos, and more. Since then my passion has grown ten-fold. I've been working for Norwood Public Access Television, my hometown's local public access station, since my sophomore year of high school. I landed that job after taking workshops and summer camps with them since elementary school. In high school I expanded my horizons and took television production classes there. I quickly became obsessed. 

Now, as a student at Ithaca College, I am utilizing all of the facilities offered. The Roy H. Park School of Communications is one of the top comm schools in the country and I am honored to be able to be a student here. The school's television station, ICTV 16, has quality programming that I am able to take advantage of. I am currently the head assistant editor for the show Game Over, Ithaca College's one stop for geek culture. I am also in pre-production of a new musical-comedy, Staged! where I will be the sound engineer and recordist. Apart from ICTV, I am also a member of the Ithaca Quidditch Team and a photographer for The Ithacan, IC's student run newspaper. Working with the brilliant students of Ithaca College has been one of my favorite things about the past few years. I have had the pleasure of mentoring many of those students through Park Peer Advising, a program set up to help orient students to the world of communications in Ithaca.

My generation grew up with the internet. We are often referred to as "The Internet Generation." For me it started elementary school with AOL dial-up. Then in middle school with AIM chat and MySpace. It then led to more sophisticated means by way of Skype, Facebook, and Google (docs, plus, etc.). My knowledge and use of these technologies/social medias has really given me a fantastic perspective on how modern media has developed over the years. And while it is difficult to see where the future will take us, knowledge of the past can definitely help. 

Dedication in the classroom is not the only thing I am doing to perfect my skills. It is often said that after 10,000 hours of practice you can master anything. I am personally taking this to heart. Hours upon hours of my life are being spent fiddling in Final Cut, Adobe After Effects, Pro Tools, and Photoshop. There are days when I go out to the woods behind campus and just take pictures and shoot video. Oftentimes I take that media and play around with it in the previously mentioned programs. With a lot of practice and a strong passion I can climb any mountain or accomplish any task.

Many a times I've heard that passion can trump grades. While that does not give me an excuse to slack off in school, it does inspire me to not let the little things get me down. If I fail, I can try and try again. I need to improve upon the industry, I will not be just another face in the crowd.

Thanks for taking your time to read this, feel free to check out the rest of my ePortfolio as well as my website