Peter Wall

Peter Wall, Bass Trombone, is in the process of earning a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and Performance from Ithaca College. Graduating from a small school district in the Ithaca area, Peter has had experience playing in many different ensemble settings throughout his performing career. He has played a dozen high school productions with Newfield High School, the BU Summer Youth Theatre Program, and Ithaca College. Peter played in the Ithaca College productions of L'Orfeo and BABY the Musical in Spring '11.

Peter is currently playing for the Ithaca College Trombone Troupe, Brass Choir, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. His teaching experience has included touring with Trombone Troupe and Brass Choir, student teaching at Dryden Elementary School and Newfield High School, and private trombone lessons to beginning students.

Peter's future plans are to teach and coach in the public schools, perform to the best of his ability in local ensembles, and to expand the common knowledge of music.