Hello! Welcome Thank-you!

My name is Rachel Cohen and I am student at Ithaca College graduating in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Therapeutic Recreation and a focus in Outdoor Adventure Leadership.  My four-year colleget journey has been a thrilling experience filled with much personal and professional growth that has given me the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be a successful, wise, innovative, and happy individual.  I feel very blessed to have spent my undergrad here nestled in the Finger Lakes Reigon of Upstate, NY. 

This portfolio is designed to show and demonstrate my professional accomplishments during my collegiate career. Within the portfolio, you can find my resume, career goals, a professional philosophy, evidence of achieving required educational standards, and highlights of my work, outdoor, and volunteer experience. The documents included were completed over my four past fuffilling years attending Ithaca College.   

Outside of the classroom, I find it very beneficial to stay active and involved on campus and in the surrounding community.  When I am not studying or doing my service learning work, you can find me either sweating in the local yoga studio, being a free spirit in the great outdoors, happily cooking healthy meals, or getting lost in a crafty project.  


Please feel free to browse the files I have provided and do not hesitate to contact me with further inquiries. I can be reached through email at