Rachel Profile

I come out of Hagerstown, Maryland, a town about an hour northwest of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. I am a part of the Roy H. Park School of Communications as a freshman Communications Management and Design Major with an Honors Minor. 

It has become apparent to me in my time here at Park that making connections, taking risks, and adjusting to whatever is thrown in my path are some of the values I need to succeed in this field. Creating a solid "be the best that I can be" attitude is the foundation for branching out and creating opportunities that will allow me to find and carry out these values. "Focus on what you love and opportunities will arise" is a substantial lesson learned from Ellie Rountree. By putting my efforts toward my future career in communications, I can set a goal to push myself to adapting, while still being a part of what I love: reaching out to and creating an impact on people. 

The world of media is ever changing. What were once groundbreaking technological advances in the world of communication have now become the norm. And soon, the norm will take the back-burner to tomorrow's new media. Whether it be through YouTube, Facebook, or television advertisements, we must be ready to ascertain the best (and/or latest) way to connect with the public.

Creating an effective message is about learning how to adapt to certain situations for certain audiences. Perspective is key, and analyzing all aspects of the audience (their wants, goals, background) are what go into creating the right message.