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"I call it cruel and maybe the root of all cruelty to know what occurs but not recognize the fact." -William Stafford

I am pursuing a B.A. in Documentary Studies and Production at Ithaca College out of enthusiasm for bringing important issues to the attention of the public. The relationship between the inter-connectivity of the web and documentary film-making is one that allows for astounding possibilities, from streaming live video with a cell phone to talking face to face with someone sitting in a kitchen in another hemisphere. These potential relationships are a gift, helping people to connect, collaborate, create and sustain positive change in the world. They carry the power to forge alliances among people of all ages, races and cultures. They grant an opportunity for heightened global awareness to serve as a catalyst for visionary transformation.

I am pursuing an education that will guide me to work that aligns with my ethics and passions. I feel a compelling and sometimes urgent responsibility to make a meaningful, powerful and enduring contribution to society.

My interests include poverty, immigration, capital punishment, developing world cultures, culture clash, classism and women's rights. I am inspired by filmmakers such as Rebecca Cammisa (Which Way Home), Kutlug Ataman (Kuba), and Edet Belzberg (Children Underground).

I am currently conducting qualitative research in order to examine the relationship between high school dropouts and homeless youth.

I have experience producing, directing and editing documentary and experimental films as well as music videos.

Some of this work can be viewed by clicking my website link to the left.