Rachel Friedman (me)

Welcome to Rachel Friedman's ePortoflio

Hello! My name is Rachel Friedman, a freshman at Ithaca College, and I'm originally from Stone Ridge, NY. I hope to learn the in's and out's about public relations throughout my four years here. I know that amount of help Ithaca has to offer and I will be fully prepared by the time I graduate.

This website highlights what I have accomplished so far and my development towards my goal of working in Public Relations. You will gain the understanding of me as a student and what I had to offer in the past. In this portfolio is my current resume, where you can see a compilation of my work so far. 

SPARK has given me the opportunity to learn about the in's and out's of the world of communications. Technology is always going to influence us and because of the quick changes, we will always be up to date. In addition, the communications field is always changing so there is no way to determine if my generation is going to have successful jobs. In the words of Bill D'elia, you have to have an open mind when entering the communications field. Since it's always changing, you have to adapt to that change and adjust as you go along. Being picky will make it harder for you to succeed in the job you want. Also, social networking has become really popular in today's generation. Facebook and Twitter isn't just being used by teenagers and college students, the business world and adults are also beginning to join. Being in the Roy H. Park School is an honor and i know that SPARK will fully prepare me with the tools and information I need to succeed when I graduate.


Contact Information:

Email: rfriedm1@ithaca.edu