Ryan Haen

My name is Ryan Haen and I am a freshmen at Ithaca College.  I am currently enrolled as an exploratory student in the school of Humanities and Sciences.  However I am planning on declaring my major in the school of Health Studies and Human Performance in athletic training in the near future.  I am 18 years old and I am from Rochester, New York.  I have played hockey my whole life at a very high level.  Along with on ice training always came off ice weight training which always intrigued me greatly.  I was always very interested in what trainers were saying and eager to learn more about the field.  Here at Ithaca I play on the club hockey team and still work out intensely on my own.  I am also always looking to better educate myself on how the body works and what is good and what is bad. I am very anxious to declare my major and start my career in the field.  Everyone has always told me in the past that I am very compassionate and good when working with people so I figured this will only help to be an athletic trainer. I believe a profession in athletic training is perfect for me and I am very excited and anxious to see what the future holds for me.