My name is Rui (pronounced like Rae). I'm from Taiyuan, a small city with three millions of citizens in the north of P.R. China. I lived the first 18 years of my life there then moved to Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in the northeast of China for my undergraduate study. I majored in French at Dalian University of Foreign Languages. While still interested in languages and literature, I'm currently a MS Communications student at Ithaca College. This is my first study-abroad experience and I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with such brilliant faculty members as well as colleagues in the prestigious college town of Ithaca.

I graduated from Ithaca College in May 2012 and now seeking a full-time employment in the fields of communications, education and international/cultural exchange. I had experience in language teaching (Mandarin), school management, strategic communications and marketing/promotion. I am also passionate in helping the world to become a more diverse and understanding place.

You will find my most up-to-date CV and some of my written project reports in the Document section.

Thank you!