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Renee Schweizer's E-Portfolio 

Welcome to my e-portfolio! Thanks for taking the time to look around :)


      I am a freshman studying at the Park School of Communications in Ithaca College. Coming into Ithaca I thought that I wanted to be a broadcast journalist however, I soon realized that I really don't want to be reporting the news. Also as a TVR major, I have no interest in learning how to make videos and work with technology, a part of the curriculum that helps one achieve a broadcast journalist position. This is why I have recently re-evaluated my major. I love public speaking and I would say that it is my greatest talent.  If I had the choice, I would have my own television show, but that is a huge stretch and I feel that I need to have a plan that is more tangible. I know that I am interested in communications and speaking in front of people.  Another talent of mine is that I have great people and organizational skills. After re-thinking my major, I have decided to go into the business field of communications as I can see myself excelling in it.  I have decided to change my major to communication management design, and although I am not exactly sure exactly where I would like that to take me, I feel that I am on the right path. 

       I know to succeed in this major I will need to have basic business skills as well as communication skills.  I am particularly looking forward to taking classes in public speaking and speech writing.  I love writing my own presentations and any help and criticisms I can receive to improve is welcomed. Other knowledge that I am sure I will need in the future includes management, developmental classes, corporate communication, and accounting courses.  Having connections is also a huge factor in preparing for a job in this field therefore; networking skills will be greatly needed in order to become successful. Spark has shown me that there are countless networking opportunities available if one is willing to go out and get them.  Also, the communications field and media are constantly changing; one must be aware of this and open to it. An education in communications can lead to numerous opportunities and career choices. I am looking forward to learning all of the knowledge presented by this major, as it is all of great interest to me.