Me in my dorm room

Hey I'm Ryan Somelofske. You may know from some of my greatest achievements. They involve being born, not getting beaten to a pulp by my much larger brothers (6'2" and 6'4"), not getting beaten to a pulp by bullies in grades K-12 (I mean there was that one time when the thug threw a punch at me but I dodged it), and my love for run on sentences written in the vernacular.

Right now I'm a Film, Photography, and Visual Arts BFA at Ithaca College but that's because no school in the country offers a major in Automobile Based Adventures on Dark Country Roads or Storytelling Using Unnecessary Detail (quick detour here, why does unnecessary have two "n's"?) I love photography and I love filmmaking. I've been told I march to a different drum beat, but so did John Philip Sousa.

I've been taking pictures since the fifth grade. It all started in the fourth grade however. We were learning about hurricanes and than suddenly Hurricane Isabel forms of the cost of the Canary Islands which themselves are off the coast of Africa. It was perfect timing. Fourth grade for that week became watching The Weather Channel nonstop. Luckily because I was the Postmaster General of my school's floundering two cents mail delivery system I was able to watch the Weather Channel in the library for the next month or so. From that moment on I wanted to be a meteorologist. How is this film or photography related you may ask? Well in the fifth grade I got my first camera for christmas. I used it to take pictures of the clouds and snow and other weatherly activities. I than stole my mom's extremely nice and extremely expensive camera in the eighth grade and began taking even more pictures. My freshman year of high school I took a video production class. I turned from taking pictures of weather to taking videos. Luckily I got bored of just weather and flowers my sophomore year. Unluckily my video teacher was having a baby so no video class that year. Junior year the baby was all grown up and she was back to teaching. I became proficient in Premiere Pro (side rant: Premiere Pro is way better than Avid) and Photoshop. Things happened senior year and I got accepted to Ithaca for Film and Photography! Yay! And that is the story of how Sam Champion made me a film major.