Shannon Anthony

My name is Shannon Anthony and I am a Sophomore at Ithaca College. I am working on completing my degree in Business Administration with concentrations in management and marketing. Before attending Ithaca College, I went to Iroquois Central School from which I graduated in 2010.

Currently, at Ithaca College, I am involved in many groups across the campus. I am a DJ for VIC radio and have been since Freshman Year. I am part of a group called the Labor Initiative in Promoting Solidarity. LIPS is hoping to spread awareness about labor issues in Tompkins County, the City of Ithaca, and Ithaca College. We were very successful in our campaign to get the College's Dining Hall Workers a living wage. Finally, I am a part of IC Feminists. In this group we discuss gender issues that are going on around the world and on our campus.

Over the summer I worked as an Accommodations Attendant at Darien Lake Theme Park and Resort. I checked people in and out of the hotel and campgrounds and also helped solved problems that the guests were having. It was a very good experience and I met a lot of great people. I am hoping to return again this summer and continue gaining skills in customer service and communication. Also this summer I am hoping to get an internship with After Dark Entertainment in Buffalo, they put on all the concerts in the area and this is something that I have always wanted to do.

As far as a career after school, I hope to get into the music business as either a promoter or a manager. Another career path would be to work for a non profit organization. I love music and love telling people about new bands. I also love to help people and I really want a job that lets me do both.