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I'm an innovative and forwarding-thinking writing graduate, with one goal in mind: a career in public relations. For the past two years, I've known that I wanted to go into PR after an incredible first internship experience at LevLane Advertising/PR/Interactive. Of all my characteristics, passion is the driving force behind my love for PR. Public relations lets me express what I'm passionate about to everyone who is watching and listening. But better yet - better than getting an audience that's already listening excited - PR is about reaching a new audience and getting them excited about something they didn't even know they could be excited about. That's what I do best - I'm like a walking billboard and brochure for the things I'm into... Friday Night Lights, spinach smoothies, the Philadelphia Eagles, whatever. I guarantee I can convince you that not only are the Eagles are the only team worth watching in the NFL, but that you'll walk out wearing a Jackson jersey, too.