Giving morning announcements in high school

Thanks for coming to my ePortfolio! My name is Sean Carney and I'm a Sophomore Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) major at Ithaca College. Within this program, I am able to explore my many, constantly changing passions. From television and radio broadcasting, to working within the markets of media and public relations. I have dreams to inspire myself and others by connecting the world.

I have always had a strong interest in Broadcast Journalism which is why I'm in Ithaca for their strong program. Right now I am involved in many groups and activities that relate to what I want to do one day as a career. I am an Assistant Producer on Newswatch 16, where I'm responsible for writing the latest local stories, as well as making graphics and helping in the studio when we're live on the air. I'm also a part of the radio station here, WICB, where I'm a DJ playing modern rock. I get to do what I love while at the same time listen and play great music!

It's a true luxury to be able to do anything my heart desires here at Ithaca. I first gained my passion for broadcasting when I was in high school when I helped to start my schools media production club where I anchored and made the morning announcements happen every morning. I always knew I wanted to be involved in both television as well as radio in college but never actually thought that could be a reality. I'm glad to be working so hard on these interests I've always had already in the first semester of my freshman year. And plan to keep moving forward for my whole life towards my passions.