My friend took a quick picture of me on the train and I liked the way the light shines through the back.


Hello all, my name's Sean Carroll. I grew up in Hull, Massachusetts, a very small town south of Boston and am coming from a high school with less than 400 total students so Ithaca is a pretty big jump. I'm a freshman TV-R major and am excited to be here. I plan on taking advantage of the satellite school in LA, and would one day like to work for ESPN. I've never owned a pet in my life and grew up admiring road runner for Looney Tunes (this last line was for my psych class).

5 things I've learned in Spark thus far:

1.) The first thing I've learned is to keep my options open. Bill D'Elia himself told me directly to not set my sight on one thing in particular, because the industry is always changing. Although I want to work for ESPN right now, I am well aware that my career choice could change within the next four years.

2.) Ithaca has countless alumni out in the work right now that are willing to help fellow graduates. Just in this class alone, we have talked to or Skyped at least 10 of them, so I understand I should take advantage of these connections and contact the right person when I'm looking for a job.

3.) It would be beneficial to have some sort of business background or at least take some classes. Everyone we talked to today all said that they wish they had because all of their projects have required grants or at least some sort of funding. It would be nice to know easier and more efficient ways to fund a project.

4.) Technology is constantly changing and advancing, so it's going to be important to keep updated with everything that's going on. We're getting a good head start by having to multi-task in class, so we need to stick with. Almost every job that's going to be available when we graduate is going to require you to be tech savvy.

5.) When making a project to pitching an idea, you need to keep in mind everyone outside of the United States. Some sayings or symbols have different interpretations around the world, so in order to be more successful be aware of other cultures.