sam in ireland

Hi everybody, and thanks for checking out my eportfolio! My name is Sam Colleran, and I am a freshman majoring in Television/radio at Ithaca College. As of right now, I'm leaning towards scriptwriting as a concentration, and I'm looking into doing Spanish as a minor. If all goes as planned, I would like to spend the second half of my senior year out in Los Angles, ultimately transitioning from an internship to a permanent job. My dream is to write for Conan O'Brian, and then maybe pitch my own show and expand on my writing career. I'm also interested in doing a very small amount of acting or stand up comedy, so hopefully I'll be able to take some classes for either of those subjects. 


Outside of school, I enjoy sports and listening to music. 


Obviously, this whole thing is just a very rough version of what I want the eportfolio to be. I have no idea how to write a resume, but I plan on having one before the year is over.