Machu Picchu

Hello, and welcome to my eportfolio! My name is Shona Sutherland Craig.  I am from Somers, NY, but I consider Scotland my home which is where my entire family lives and where I spent many summers growing up.  I am a fifth year student at Ithaca College in the 6 year physical therapy program.  I graduated May, 2012 magna cum laude with my B.S. in Clinical Health Studies and am now working toward my doctorate of physical therapy.  I am involved in many extracurricular and volunteer activities around campus and have been learning a great deal and enjoying my time at IC.

Traveling, interacting with different peoples and cultures, and healing are my main passions.  Being born with Scottish and American citizenship has allowed me to grow up immersed in two unique cultures.  The most profound aspect of my life from the moment I was born until now, was exploring 25 states and 27 countries, which has enhanced my cultural awareness and given me experience interacting with different people.  One of my favorite aspects of traveling is meeting incredible people who end up having a profound effect on my life.  Therein comes my passion for humanity. One of the most important aspects of a person’s life is their health.  There is so much to learn about health in order to be able to treat people effectively and improve the quality of their lives.