My Senior Portrait in August 2010

Hello, thank you for selecting my e-portfolio.

My name is Steve Derderian, and along with Ithaca College, I reside in the small town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts. I have declared Journalism as my major at Ithaca College, but I am focused on obtaining skills and knowledge in as many communication mediums as possible.

The reason I have taken an interest in Journalism is due to my interest in sports. I am extremely passionate about sports, which is why I have played, officiated, and covered sports for most of my life. Despite this passion, I am aware that sports are only a subject, and in the end, sports writing is not always about the game. Still, it has always been my dream to work for ESPN and become a reporter or even an anchor. The one job I have had my eyes on for years now is to work for ESPN Boston. I have been a Boston sports fan my entire life, and Michael Reiss, columnist and reporter for ESPN, is responsible for reporting the Boston area teams. His success is due in part to the devices and websites that Internet users have access to daily. With access to such technology, he communicates with fans and other experts alike through twitter and blogs.

We now live in a digital age ruled by the constant flow of information through computers, smartphones, etc. With these devices, anybody can come across news or receive updates about an event in the same minute. In today's society, the faster the information reaches the audience, the more attention it will ultimately receive. I have also noticed that social media has changed structure in which news is released. Before social media, news was released in a top to bottom structure. In the past, for example, the White House knew first, and then they would tell the media, who then tells the public. Today, Twitter will explode with messages about an event, and the story will be released and confirmed by the media later. Online users today have a huge impact in how news is spread.

With the increasing power of the Internet, anybody can reach a company or a population from almost anywhere in the World. These messages are spread through advertisements, emails, commercials, and even social media. Several successful journalists and other communication specialists have numerous Twitter followers. These followers are not just from their area but in other countries as well. By reaching a global audience, professionals have been able to spread their influence across numerous countries.

With that being said, communication is constantly changing. We are reaching a time where technology is at a crossroads. New technology and inventions have changed the lives of many for the better or worse. When our generation takes the reins, it will be up to us whether or not technology becomes an effective tool in our society. It is possible that it becomes a crutch where user become more dependent on it's usage.

Jobs are one of the first things on most college student's minds. The concern of coming across a job is common, but in the field of communications, jobs are not always readily available. As a journalist, seeing newspapers and television struggling is alarming at times. Despite this, several speakers in the class Spark: Ignite your Future in Communication have informed us that not only employers but the graduates themselves have been able to create their own jobs. There is no guaranteed future when creating a job, but by taking my experiences through the Park School and Ithaca College, I believe I will have the confidence and ability to determine my future for the best.

It is always a pleasure to be a student in the Park School of Communications!