Sara Flynn

Welcome to my e-portfolio! I am a Sophomore in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in screenwriting. Growing up, I moved around quite a bit. I firmly believe that without all the erratic change in my life, I wouldn’t be at Ithaca College.


Change is inevitable, change is something I have endured and embraced throughout my life, change is good. I believe people need to embrace change because without change in my life, I wouldn’t be heading down such an exciting path.


The one constant in my life through my waves of change is my love for writing. Reading was my escape and then writing was my way of expression.I found my niche in my final semester in high school, I uncovered my love for creative writing. My confidence grew through wining a writing contest but mostly through my peers laughing at my sarcastic stories about my wonderful family. I learned that my best work comes from writing what I know or writing a piece based off of a personal experience. 


My goals for the next four years are to push myself creatively and take advantage of every opportunity Ithaca has to offer. Being open minded and trying new things is what I believe will strengthen my writing. 


In ten years, who knows where the media world will be. From the S'Park: Ignite your future in Media and Communication course, I have learned that the media and communication fields change rapidly, the way in which the news and other information is reported influences our ideas and opinions, there are many obstacles in the communications field because media changes from country to country and different cultures, the internet is changing and now gives people the opportunity to be on t.v and create new media easily and that cyber security is an alarming topic that increases with the progression of technology. Two very important things I have learned from the lectures and guest speakers are that you can't pick what you want to do specifically now because the field of communications will change drastically within four years and continue to change. We may want to work at ESPN or for a social networking site but those could be gone in four years. S'Park has given me the mindset that I need to broaden my horizons because not only will the job field change but I will most likely create my own job or position. Also, one consistent tip from the guest speakers is to learn another language and that will be a vital skill that will set me apart from others and enhance my resume. Media is so influential and changes quicker than a breath. Media shapes our beliefs and opinions, we acquire knowledge through the internet and television and media transforms instantaneously. The media world and it’s growth can be a daunting thought. Everything from cyber security to how anyone will be able to influence the world through social networking are valid and relevant factors in the progression of media. 


What I plan to do not just after my four years are done but during them is to develop my writing skills and cultural knowledge so that I can effectively and knowledgeably be able to communicate to people from all backgrounds through the words I write. 


Media may change, but people will always be writing.