Sean Kelly

Welcome to my ePortfolio

Ever since taking a small class on video production in my freshmen year of High School, I have been fascinated by the way in which all forms of media are produced, but especially those that make onto television.  Seeing all of the technique and hard work that went into the making of some of my favorite television shows, it made me want to become part of that process.  

The media world is a constantly evolving world, and I know that I am going to have to keep up with it if I want to get anywhere in the television world.  By the time I graduate from Ithaca College in the spring of 2015, I know that new technologies are going to spring up that I am going to have to learn how to use.  Who knows, maybe I'll have to work with making products that can be shown with holograms.  My learning experience certainly will not end with graduation.  

I also know that in order to be taken seriously in a media setting, I'll have to be capable of operating many types of machinery and wear a lot of different hats, so to speak.  I already have a lot of experience as a camera operator and editor, and I will certainly try to learn as much as I can about all of the other positions in my remaining years here at Ithaca College.  

Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter are certainly becoming larger players in the media field.  It will certainly help being part of the generation that essentially grew up using these social media platforms.  With the rise in the social networks' relevance and the rise in the importance and appearance of user driven content, it will certainly be important to pay attention to the social networks.  It is always hard to tell when it comes to media what will or will not survive in the market, but user driven content may well become the next big thing in entertainment media, and it is important to stay on top of that. 

Another thing that I have learned to keep an eye on is the ever constant globalization of mass media.  You can no longer market something to one particular demographic or one region.  The media market has become a global market.  you have to keep that in mind when trying to sell certain products in different countries, even if it is syndication rights to a certain popular american television show.  Being aware of other region's cultures is extremely important if I want to be able to function successfully in the media world.

I hope to be able to work for any television show or news broadcast station, preferably one based in New York, but i will definitely take any opportunity that comes my way.