During my undergraduate studies, the courses I have taken and the research and community service projects I have engaged in collectively have formed my academic and personal interest in the field of medical anthropology and international work.  They also have collectively formed my passion to recognize cultural competence  in delivering equitable and high quality healthcare. I am drawn to medical anthropology as a field of study and professional pursuit as I am interested in drawing the bridge across cultures and different health care systems. Iniitally, I was interested in cultural anthropology. However, when I took an introductory biological anthropology class and learned about cross cultural methods of healing, I began to pursue more health related classes. To supplement my anthropology classes, I took introductory health classes that examined the social determinants of health and comparing by nation, the different health systems.

A variety of courses and service experiences during my undergraduate studies support my future participation in medical anthropology. The core classes that have helped form and hone my interests in medical anthropology were classes where students got to examine the way poverty has biological effects on the body and psyche, how hunger, war and genocide negatively impact people’s health and lives, comparatively studying global health systems and in addition, looking at the conditions of aging across culture and health management of the elderly. In addition to these critical classes. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer in a hospital in rural south east India, participate in an investigatory trip about femicide to Costa Rica which was followed up by a published Letter to the Editor of the New York Times and shadowing a pediatric palliative care team in South Africa on my latest semester abroad.

With regards to my professional aspirations, I have gleaned from my experiences in India, Costa Rica and South Africa that I am passionate about research and community involvement. Besides being internationally involved, it has always been important for me to be involved on Ithaca College's Campus. I have held office in several student organizations like Ithaca College Rotaract Club, Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society at Ithaca College and Anthropology Club. I have participated in other clubs like Ithaca College's Equestrian Team and IC Bigs. Whether locally or globally, I have always tried to be involved and connected. Please do feel free to explore my web page and get to know more me, thank you for your time.