This is a picture taken for the Ithaca Colege Women's Swimming and Diving Roster

Hello, my name is Sara Nelson. I am currently a freshman in the Physical Therapy Program at Ithaca College. Physical Therapy is a unique health care field of study in which the focus is on rehabilitation. I was drawn to this major because I had a personal story to relate to Physical Therapy. I was a patient at a Physical Therapy office for over a year during my seventh grade year. I chose to enter the Physical Therapy program at Ithaca College because it is one of the strongest, and most well known Doctorate of Physical Therapy (D.P.T) programs in the nation. I learned of this programs credentials at a health quest camp I participated in at Ithaca College the summer before my junior year of high school. From the conclusion of that camp I knew that the Ithaca College Physical Therapy program was the best choice for me. I want to be a Physical Therapist ultimately to help people in an intimate setting of personal contact. I find it an important feature of Physical Therapy that there is direct patient-provider contact.