Sample Lesson Plan


Below is a sample lesson plan used for one of my Head Start Language Enhancement Program sessions.


Lesson Plan

Head Start Language Enhancement Program

Sharlene Nichols

Date of Lesson:

Children in Group:

Theme: Community Helpers


Circle Time: Today, I will be leading circle time. I will teach the children the song, “Where is Everyone?” to the tune of “Where is Thumbkin?” The children will use gestures to go along with the song including raising their hands and shaking hands in response to the “How are you today?” question.


Activity 1: During a reading activity (Doctor Doctor What do You See? modeled after Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin, Jr. and illustrations by Eric Carle), the children will each have a cutout of one character to place on a felt board. The students will describe their characters as they place them on the board.


Long Term Goal 1: The students will increase their use of basic conjunctions by one conjunction per session.


Short Term Goal: The students will correctly use conjunctions (and, or, because, but) in 2/5 opportunities with prompting from the clinician.


Prompts: Verbal prompts (“wh” questions), verbal cues, modeling


Activity 2: “Discovery Doctors.” The children will take turns reaching into brown lunch bags to touch various objects (toilet paper, cup, sock, spoon, shoe, paper, sponge, wash cloth, hair brush, marbles). Each student will describe the object by touch only to their group members before the whole group guesses what the object could be. Students will then describe visible aspects of the objects.


Long Term Goal 2: The students will increase their use of attributes by two attributes per session.


Short Term Goal 2: The students will use attributes to describe their objects in 2/5 opportunities.


Prompts: Verbal prompts (“wh” questions), verbal cues




Anticipated Problems: Students may already know what the object is inside their bags and may be tempted to say what the object is before describing it.


Possible Solutions: Introduce the lesson with a short example using an object the students choose in the classroom.