Scott Walle

My name is Scott Walle and I am from Upstate New York.  I am now a freshman in the Park School of Communications at Ithaca College studying Television-Radio.  I have a strong interest in making productions that are visually appealing in a rather radical, new, and stylistic manner.  My goal is to be a very hands-on director and/or producer for a scripted television program or miniseries.  I envision myself out in the field conducting my production like a finely tuned orchestra.  My interests lie in both history and crime, especially the time periods of the Wild West and the Mobster era during the early1900s.  Also, I have an interest in music.  I was a percussionist in high school and wish to stay in the musical world by becoming a director or an editor for a company that makes music videos.  Overall, I like to be busy, interactive, hands-on, and have fun.


The media industry has been changing drastically at an extremely rapid and exponential pace over the recent years.  Through my few (yet valuable) experiences in college I am learning how to both adapt to and advance in said changes.  I have also learned that what to expect in the next few years is a very vague prediction, as the changes are not only dependent on technology and creativity, but also the audience’s reaction to them, which is typically difficult to properly expect.  Due to this, I have gathered that I need to be open to any and all forms of visual arts and media, and to be open to new experiences; doing so should keep me right on or ahead of the curve so that I can fulfill my goals of being new and radical.  I must take things as they happen rather than looking too far into the future nor dwelling too far behind in the past.  I am realizing more and more that it is silly to pass up beautiful opportunities and resources when they are presented, since any given decision could lead to a breakthrough in the media industry.  Also, about the aforementioned “media industry,” I am realizing that it will be hard to have success without knowing the ins and outs of both the artistic side and the business side of visual media.  It is important for me to know not only how to produce a fine piece of art, but how to sell and distribute it.  Without this knowledge, great masterpieces could potentially go to waste.  It should also be known that in doing both production and business in the media industry, risk taking is part of everyday life; without the risk, there is no chance for reward, thus leaving one in the dust of the rapidly changing world of visual media.  Speaking of the change yet again, there is one expectation for media that is tremendously prominent: the future of digital technology.  In just a few short years, we went from having a telephone in our pocket to having a mini-computer.  We are headed towards a digital world, where almost all aspects of communication, from production to distribution, will be digital and online.  Although this could account for more laziness, it will definitely create more potential for speed and ease to get nearly anything done.  With a proper work ethic, I think I will become a part of this huge digital world and work my way up by taking full advantage of what is to come in the future.  Throughout these next four years of my college career, I plan to make full use of my precious time in the Park School of Communications by getting highly involved in many different activities, learning a vast amount of crucial and helpful information, and just generally balancing a combination of hard work and fun so that I can really engage in my early process of success.  Upon graduating from the Park School, I have no doubt that I will be able to be successful, but I also know that I will have to search and work hard for it.