Me at ithaca college

     My name is Shaniqua Williams and I am sophomore television-radio major at Ithaca College. I am interested in pursuing a career and television and radio. Over the years I have developed a passion for helping inner city youth who struggle with several issues such as education, poverty, sex, drugs, violence, relationships etc. Growing up in the Bronx, NY I have faced many tough times in my life however I never let my circumstances defeat me. Every time I get a break from college I always go back to help the students at my high school or in the community. As it relates to being involved on campus, I am a very active member on my schools radio station. I have interviewed national talents, local talents, and promoted several events. In addition, one day I want to have my own radio and television show. I want to take my passions for helping youth and let a national audience hear and see it. Thus, I am determined to be successfully and inspire other people.