winter concert 2011

I am a current Freshmen majoring in Film, Photo, and Visual Arts at Ithaca College. I am originally from Queens, New York and I am of Taiwanese descent. I chose to attend Ithaca College because of the promising opportunities and lively community the school offers. While I am here, I hope to explore my learning horizons by participating in events I've always been interested in but have never gotten a chance to be a part of. I chose to major in Film, photo, and visual arts because I am very intrigued and interested in how media can reach and influence so many people around the globe. It is my hope that I can use this medium to share with others stories that have impacted my life. 

I would describe myself as a hopefully realist, always having an optimistic outlook but at the same time realistically recognizing obstacles I may have to plan around. There is something about hopeful ambition that serves as my key motivation. While I am someone who likes to plan ahead and make lists, whenever I feel a thrill of fearful hesitation to try something daunting, I like to take a leap into the unknown. You are always going to encounter issues that threaten to divert your plans, but I think the attitude one holds is key to how much one will overcome and succeed. With that said, it is my goal to maintain an attitude that will keep me resilient and always looking ahead despite temporary setbacks. 

My faith, interest in music, sports, and television/film media have all played a very big part of my life. As you continue to take the time to know more about me, you will find the apparent ways in which each of those things have come to shape who I am today. Growing up under the influence of two different cultures has also helped me better appreciate the differences people have and have helped determine some of my values. 

One of the most interesting class I had the opportunity of taking my first year at Ithaca is a special course for all freshmen communications major called 'Spark'. During the course, we Skype with alumni or professionals working in the industry and we are given the opportunity to hear their advice and ask questions. Through the class I've come to see the field of communication as a global enterprise, and thus learned that being versatile in different languages (especially English, Mandarin, and Spanish) is very useful in the industry. One of the most encouraging things to see was how some of the alumni of Ithaca College was able to use their varying degrees to work in fairly uncommon fields. It proved that my future is not simply limited to the current major I am studying in and can perhaps be a very resourceful tool in the making of my own career. Professor Skopik's presentation on the importance of photography also reinforced the power of photography and motivated me to work harder in developing my own skills and voice. Perhaps one of the most important thing I learned about the field of communication through the class is the significance of staying ahead of the game; in the face of the ever-changing technologies, it is crucial to be the ones on board with "the next big thing". In response to that, I have learned the importance of networking and more importantly, staying in contact with others. Through this course, I was able to form a better picture of what my future will look like, and now I can continue to set the goals that will take me there.