tc midair jump

Hello, I'm Tom Carraro, a freshman at Ithaca College in the Park school of communications.

     I want to be a filmmaker, and I have for quite some time.  Whether it was from hours making backyard home videos with the neighborhood kids in my younger years, or from watching movies in place of television almost exclusively is debatable, but I hooked on film young, and I want to commit my life and career to creating films that people talk about.


     The s'park course has already taught me many things. Each guest that we welcome via video chat offers a different perspective on media, industry, or their Ithaca College experience.  I have learned that passion and commitment during my college years can help give me an edge for my career.  Most importantly I think, I have learned to look at how media can effect things indirectly, and often very powerfully.

I have learned that something as simple as the introduction of the iphone can change the media industry.  I have also learned that social trends can effect how people view the media.  I learned from one of our guest speakers that having passion for your career can make or break your success.  One thing that has really fascinated me in S'PARK is the abundance of new ideas constantly changing the industry.  


     I'm here to study cinema and photography, but my real passion is for cinema.  There are so many aspects of the film industry, and I have just scratched the surface of the knowledge I hope to gain about them.  It seems that it will take quite a bit of time and study before I know what aspect is right to commit my career to, but I hope that my time here at Ithaca College will help me find a career path through my education.