Mixing music

Hello, and welcome to my ePortfolio! I am currently a freshman attending Ithaca College, majoring in Cinema and Photography with a concentration in Cinema Production. I love film, be it shooting and editing it or simply watching and enjoying it.

I am an avid soccer fanatic and it has always been my dream to combine my love of soccer with my love of film. At Ithaca College, I have found just the opportunity. I have learned that one, with the right mind set and dedication, can do whatever they set their mind on. The world is changing. As a college student expecting to graduate in 2015, I may get the opportunity to work on a job that, today, does not even exist. This job could be a job of my own creation! The foundation that Ithaca College lays out for me is not concrete, nor is it definite. What Ithaca College, and my sPark: Igniting Your Future in Communications class in particular, pushes us towards is our own potential. They encourage us, as aspiring professionals, to EXPERIENCE. sPark has showed me that not only are we as a people advancing and developing, but we as students can be a part of this technological revolution. In order to succeed, we need to delve into any and every expressive and technological media that we can. Being a multifaceted and multi-talented individual will only serve to further us, and in turn, further the world.

I encourage you to take a look at my résumé and not to hesitate to contact me! I love asking and answering all sorts of questions and I hope to be in contact with you soon.