Me as Sheridan Whiteside in the comedic Kaufman and Hart classic The Man Who Came To Dinner

“If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.” ― Kristin Chenoweth

My name is Tyler Manning and I'm am freshman TV-R Major at the Roy H. Parks School of Communication in Ithaca College. I am presently on my way to being a graduate of Ithaca College after the end of my Spring 2016 semester. I am very excited to be going to Ithaca College right now. I'm on my way to having a well rounded education at Ithaca College so I can afterwards work in the field I have always dreamed of. Before Ithaca College I had always known that I wanted to be a part of the movie world somehow or someway. I went not knowing what I wanted to do in the field until I finally decided I wanted to be a film director for film with Steven Spielberg being my idol and reason for making the decision.


I was set in my ways that I was gonna do this until a a short lived tv show called Pushing Daisies came along and it's acting, style, writing, directing, and etc. and it showed me what television could do better than film. It was only after the cancellation of this beloved show by my new idol Bryan Fuller that I realized that I wanted to work in television as a director more than I did in film. Since then, I have been researching television related things including ratings, the ordering of pilots, and all of the processes of the television business and how it works. I  now check the ratings every day like it's my religion and I am very familiar with these processes. Now that i'm here I hope to bring my plans to fruition and actually know more about how to work as a director in the buisness. Though, I would also like to write, produce, and casting for tv shows direction is my prime directive. My dream job would be to do one of the following for a major network television show.


TV has been my passion for a while now and I want nothing but to do it justice. Media itself is always changing after vast periods of time VHS tapes became DVD's, CD's became MP3's and so on and so forth. It's highly possible by the time I actually start to work in TV that it will have changed drastically and I'll have to adjust. However, I'm ready for this and anything that will stop my dream from becoming a reality! As one of my favorite musicians Reba McEntire says "You gotta have a l little want to" and I have a want to!