Photo of myself

All of my life I have had a love for the theatre and knew that it was something that I wanted to surround myself with.   I loved everything about it, the performing, being an audience member, and most importantly the behind the scenes activities.  When it was time for me to decide what I wanted to do for a major and what to make my career I was positive that I wanted to do something with the performing arts.  However, I knew that performing would not be the right step for me. It was then I realized that theatre arts management would be the best field for me to enter.  It is the perfect blend theatre and business that I could see myself working with for the rest of my life.

As soon as I made the decision of becoming a theatre arts management major, I was excited to learn all about the inner workings of the theatre, and for the opportunity to be around theatre for the rest of my life.  Coming to Ithaca College  only helped me rekindle this excitement, and I have grown as a student and as a young professional.  Not only has Ithaca taught me so much, but it helped me realize that I don't have to just limit my options to the theatre, but that I could venture out into museums or film as well.  After enrolling in the theatre arts management program, I am certain that this is the perfect field for me to work in, and that I definitely made the right choice.

I am very excited to learn new things, and have new opportunities open to me.  I look forward to the chances that I will have in the future to introduce me to new types of theatre, and to teach me new management skills.