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My name is Tyler Newhouse, and I am currently a freshman at Ithaca College. As a first semester freshman I am working to complete my Bachelor's degree at the Roy H. Park School of Communications in Television-Radio with a concentration in audio production and the goal of eventually becoming an audio technician. Ever since I picked up bass guitar at the age of thirteen I have been very interested in audio and the way it was recorded, broadcasted, and reproduced. This strong interest in audio has lead me to work with live sound by helping set up for talent shows, and micing the jazz band and choral ensemble concerts at my high school. This work in the field of live sound has allowed me to gain a good amount of knowledge in the audio theory behind live sound and has even helped me in setting up for and recording in a home recording studio setting. However, my interests in audio do not end simply at live sound and recording. I am also very interested in radio broadcasting, and having shadowed at my local radio station WLBR, and recently becoming a disk jockey at VIC radio here at Ithaca, I firmly believe in the importance of all forms of audio, whether it be sound engineering for recording or live sound or working at a radio station to provide good music and speedy up-to-date news for the general public.


"If you're not adapting to the very rapidly changing environment, if you can't think creatively, you lose big in this society because there are very few jobs for you left."  I believe that this quote by Robert Sternberg is essential to the communications field right now for various reasons. For one, it is clear that if you are not willing to adapt you will very quickly become obsolete. This is very true in the field of communications as many film makers and famous people from every field of communications fall into a false sense of security about their jobs and refuse to adapt to the changing environment that is communications. I also believe that because the field of communications is such an artistic and broad field one should keep his or her options open and should not be afraid to take on any part of the field they want or even become a master at various parts of communications. That being said, it should also be noted that one should not be afraid to create a job of his or her own if there is not a job available for them in the field. I feel as if, as I mentioned earlier, because communications is such a broad field there is certainly room for new and innovative jobs. Finally I feel that, especially in the field of communications, one should have a strong passion for what he or she is doing because in order to be great a whatever it is you are doing, one must have a strong passion and conviction to conquer every task at hand.


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