Young Travis relaxing after some music-making.

Hello my name is Travis Pilsits and I am a senior wrapping up my undergraduate career at Ithaca College in December 2013. I am a voice major earning a Bachelor's in Vocal Performance and study with Professor Patrice Pastore. I have sung with the Ithaca College Chorus and Ithaca College Madrigal singers under the baton of Dr. Janet Galvan and Mr. Lawrence Doebler, respectively. In addition, I have sometimes sung with the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Ithaca, NY.


After I graduate from IC I plan on making a career out of a variety of musical endeavors. I hope to be a professional choral singer performing a diverse array of musical genres/styles. I am particularly interested in Early Music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Furthermore I hope to be a music journalist, compose my own music, teach privately, play in a band, and produce other musicians via sound recording technology. 


Contact information:


Phone: (717)-979-9811