Picture of me

My name is Tristan Wells, I am a junior attending Ithaca College. My major is Communications Management and Design with a concentration in Instructional Technology and a minor in Computer Science. I plan on attending graduate school for Cognitive Science or some type of graphic design. I have worked on a number of projects that utilized my creative computer skills. I have extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, and many other designing tools. I have taken it upon myself to expand my expertise with technology whenever possible- the computer language I have learned throughout my time at Ithaca include: XHTML, Java, Javascript, PHP, AS2, AS3, and some C++. Gaming technology is another interest of mine in which I have learned 3D design in LightWave and the Unreal Engine.

In general I believe I demonstrate strong leadership qualities, good interpersonal skills, and creative adaptivity. I work well in groups and independently. Having a group helps me bounce ideas off others, while elaborating on the ideas that they come up with. Working alone, on the other hand, helps me focus my mind on a specific task and exert my entire concentration and skill in it.

I also enjoy tennis, skiing, volleyball, and hiking. I love going on adventures, experiencing new things, and meeting new people.