At home in my dorm


Welcome to my ePortfolio!  I am Vance Berk, a Cinema and Photography Major enrolled at Ithaca College.  

At heart I have been, and always shall be a storyteller.  That is who I am, and creating stories is what I live for.  I want to study film because I am passionate about visual narratives.  For the longest time people have praised my abilities as a writer.  It is now my goal for college to fuse my gift of writing with my love of filmmaking.  A dream of mine is to be a screenwriter.   That is not an easy goal, and it is difficult to imagine one as shy as myself attempting to pursue a career in such a social based industry, but I can say without a question in my heart that it is what I want to do.  There are stories in me and ones I’ve yet to even imagine that I believe deserve to be shared with others. 

Cinema for me represents storytelling in its most elaborate form encompassing all mediums of storytelling into a single accessible format.  To enter into the industry I will need comprehensive knowledge of all stages of production.  From writing, planning, budgeting, casting, directing, cinematography, editing, and ultimately distribution I intend to be well educated in all of these despite my primary focus falling on screenwriting. 

During my time at Ithaca College I must do my best to explore more fields of interest.  I want to be a screenwriter so I must pursue opportunities to work within the community and most importantly the Communications School.  I will go out of my way to interact with professors and student run organizations in order to establish connections and a comprehensive understanding of the industry. 

After cultivating a college life of knowledge and experience I intend to focus on internship opportunities in order to further enhance my understanding of the industry.  From there I shall receive real-world work experience and the connections needed to work within the industry.