Victoria DeBerry

When I was young, my aunt and I would always watch Disney movies at night. She wanted me to stay up with her because she was scared sometimes while living alone. Primarily Disney, the movies we watched were always great. I think this sparked my passion for loving movies because I began to associate them with good memories. 

The hard part about the movie industry is climbing the ladder to the top. One must have the connections to achieve even a step in the door. Very rarely does a new comer achieve success. With the growing mobile technology, the demand for bigger spectacles in movies is higher; people want to be amazed. That being said, the quality of movies is decreasing in compensation for incredible displays of CGI and what not. My passion for movies in all aspects drives me to change this. When I watch a movie, I try to see past all of the glitter and really get into what it's really about. From cinematography to acting to audio, every aspect intrigues me.

My ultimate dream job would have to be a movie critic. Ultimately, a member of the Academy who would vote in the oscars. I really want the good actors, directors, and producers to get the fame they deserve. Big names are often over-rated, in my opinion, because the movie is a huge money pit with no art whatsoever. 

At Ithaca College being a Television-Radio major, my studio, audio, and media industries classes are teaching me to look beyond the glitter of Hollywood, to pay attention to detail. The hands-on style of my teachers encourages me to take the things I learn in the classroom and project them outside the classroom; therefore, when I watch a studio-shot show, I pay attention to how the camera operates i.e. is there enough headroom, is he/she in focus, etc. I plan to intern at the CW in Houston, Texas (my hometown) in the future summers.

In order to increase my expertise, I'm minoring in French. I plan to take advantage of the close borders to Canada to which Ithaca has. Moreover, if I have the opportunity to work in France my language skills would also suffice. I think it's important to explore the media cultures outside of the United States; media is global. 

I wish to keep my head high and humility present when in this industry. Everything can be gone in an instant.