Vincent Longo broadcasting baseball

I can still recall it like yesterday: the day that I decided what I was going to be when I grew up. I was sitting in my mom’s bedroom, a five year old listening to the flowing baritone of John Miller painting a picture of the San Francisco Giants playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was his home run call that won me over, as J.T. Snow launched a round tripper into the right field seats. Miller’s enthusiasm, his passion, his love for the game and his job, all came through over the amplitude modified radio waves so naturally that I realized: this is what I want to do.

Obviously, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that the play-by-play market is all but impossible to break into, but that hasn’t discouraged me yet. As the media evolves, the jobs in sportscasting are trending to be fewer and farther between. But, out of all of the current media, I’m convinced that radio will never die, because the service itself is free, and as long as radio exists, there will always be a market for live sports and sports talk. 

I love all things relating to the media; I love to communicate my thoughts and ideas, and there’s no better way to do that than through the media. Furthermore, I love to describe things, and I especially like to do so in a precise, detailed manner. As photographers control the way that we see world, it’s the job of the radio broadcaster to translate those pictures for the people who can’t see them. Ithaca College is granting me the ability to further my love of the media as I both study and participate in it. I work as on air talent for three ICTV sports shows, and I broadcast on air for either WICB or VIC radio at least four times per week.

The media business, especially on the talent side, is one where the job market is all but impossible to break into without work experience, a good reputation, and strong contacts. Having realized this, I’ve already made some contacts through some work at KLAC, an AM sports radio station in Los Angeles and I am applying for internships with Comcast Sports Net Bay Area, KNBR-680/1050 AM, The San Francisco Giants, and other smaller media outlets in the San Francisco bay area this summer. In the coming years, I plan to try and break into the New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and London markets with internships and work experiences

As the media business trends internationally, with the majority of the media market existing outside of the U.S., I see it as crucial to be able to communicate across national borders. With this goal in mind, I’m already nearing fluency in Spanish and am hoping to gain proficiency in Italian and Chinese (at minimum) before I graduate Ithaca College. 

What I am most eager to learn about in my studies at Ithaca, however, are the many facets of media that I don’t even know exist and the areas of media that will come into existence as I study. From film editing, to audio recording, to website development, to computer-graphics animation, I want to learn it all. The communications business is the least static business in the world, which has made me realize that I can’t be either. I have my job aspirations set, but as media evolves, I have to do more than stay on top of it: I have to evolve with it.