This is a photo of myself.

Welcome to my e-portfolio! I am an integrated marketing major at Ithaca College. I expect to graduate in 2015. 


I am strongly interested in many aspects of marketing and communication. Marketing is an amazing field that allows me to explore many different aspects of the industry and business. Being new to this major I am still working to find out exactly what part of the industry I wish to work in.


I strong interest of mine is social media. I find the power it gives people to send out a message and reach almost anyone possible makes if an amazing tool. I enjoy tweeting to my favorite musical artists and getting the occasion response or follow back. I believe it is important to keep up with innovative ways of communicating such as this.


 Music is something I highly enjoy and I would love to learn the aspects of the music industry. If I could be apart of this industry in any way, whether is be marketing or event planning I would feel I have reached my personal definition of success.


There are still many aspects of communication I wish to learn about and explore. My goal for my next three years here at Ithaca I plan to explore many different areas of communication. I would like to master as many aspects of this field as possible. I’ve learned through sPark: Igniting Your Future Through Communication that is important to become involved in many different activities and never refuse an opportunity.


With an open mind and good work ethic I believe I will excel greatly as a student here. I plan to achieve my goals through classes, extracurricular activities, and internships.