Victoria Weinberg

Hello! My name is Victoria Weinberg. I am a Television and Radio Major here at Ithaca College. Prior to Ithaca College I only performed on camera and stage. I acted and sang. I never thought about the process behind the performance. I also never thought of it as a form of communication. In this course I have redefined my definition of communication.

There are numerous forms of communication. Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are some of the social networking sites. These sites are two way interactive forms of communication. Television and radio are one way forms of communications; Delivering information to the mass public. All of these forms have an enormous effect on our daily lives. They determine through advertisements what we are to like and buy. Trends are created or destroyed via communications. For example, Justin Bieber was discovered through YouTube. The media is not 100% foolproof. Misinformation does leak out like a bad game of telephone. Accuracy must be the gold standard amongst the people responsible. The media industry offers a variety of career paths.

During this course I had the pleasure of listening to Harriet Seitler. She spoke about her life and her career choices. She began at MTV, winding her way to ESPN then finally landing the producer position on the Oprah Show. I admired her integrity and determination. It made me think about stepping off the stage, out of the camera and into the control room. Given all I have learned about communications I believe I would enjoy the production side.