My name is Willa Erickson and I am in my Senior year at Ithaca College. I was born in Indiana and spent the first year of my life living in Ithaca, NY so in a way I have come full circle. I spent a year of my childhood living on the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona but was primarily raised in Tucson, Arizona -- an area of great diversity and culture that has impacted my view of the world, interactions between different groups of people, and my experience with domestic and global politics. As an adopted, biracial woman, I have had a unique positioning in our society, which has led me to pursue education and experiences in the area of civil rights and social justice. My involvement at Ithaca College has been my doorway to perspective-building and worldly knowledge in my college experience. It has caused me to closely examine the relationship between culture, race, and ethnicity and has highlighted the vital importance of understanding the way our society is structured and how to exist within it. 

I am a Communication Management and Design major with a concentration in Corporate Communication and a minor in African Diaspora. My studies have now become centered on ways to utilize communications and organizational development to further social, political, and economic relationships domestically and internationally. I strongly believe that we can change the world through conscious living, compassion, and the recognition of the inherent worth in every individual. I am eager to continue my intellectual journey and contribute to the world's evolution towards a higher level of equality, humanity, and sensibility.