This is me on vacation

                  My name is Yodit Solomon. I am a 21 year old second semester Junior at Ithaca College studying Television-Radio broadcasting with a concentration in media production and a minor in communications studies. Ever since I was younger I had always been exposed to different elements of media being that I grew up right by one of the largest hubs for communication in the country, Washington D.C. Along with that I had grown up watching various television programs like E! News and MTV News and read numerous magazines like Rolling Stone and Seventeen, which gave me the courage to pursue a career in television and media in general .

I enjoy the major I am studying at IC because it has motivated me to want to be involved with Ithaca College Television shows like Entertainment 16. It is a pop culture entertainment news show that premieres on local Ithaca area Time Warner cable. I have been working on it for six semesters starting off as a production assistant on set with various studio equipment my freshman year and working my way up as a co- host by my junior year, writing my own stories and delivering it to the local Ithaca area. I have also taken production courses like Media Writing, Program Development for Entertainment Media, Television Production, Producing and Directing, and New Telecommunications Technologies. It is courses like these that have heightened my interest even more for television and media production and exposed me to its different aspects allowing me to have an even greater respect for broadcast Media.

           Attaining summer internship With WTTG Fox Five news this past summer validated this realization as well .My experience with Fox also tested me and helped me progress as a writer, reporter, and user of media technologies.

          My consistent use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube has complemented my interest with communications media .Because I am grew up in a time where social media is catered to the generation found myself being in expert in spreading news and informing the public through various avenues of social media instantaneously. My involvement with the  website, an online website that helps small up and coming businesses market themselves through cheap advertising, has allowed me to combine all my strengths from writing scripts, to shooting and editing videos, as well as vlogging and making reviews while using social media.